If you have ever wanted to be a commentator or contributor on TV...

I wrote this article breaking down some steps you can take starting right now

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This is for you if....

  • You want to get publicity for your business
  • You want credibility for your expertise
  • You want to be a regular commentator or contributor on television and want to understand how craft the path to it.

Who am I?

I was born to immigrant parents. When I announced to them as little girl "I want to be a news anchor," they didn't know how to support that dream.

Not emotionally. Not financially.

I left home at 18. I paid for college by myself. I paid for graduate school by myself. I paid for every move around the country to come to New York City and do what I wanted since I was 4 years old:

Become a news anchor.

I did it. But suddenly, I was thrust into a world of interviewing CEO's on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. There is a playbook for how one shows up those spaces. The small town girl from Pennsylvania in me didn't have it.

So I built it

In the absence of a playbook, the Womens' Leadership Lab to help senior women leaders and business owners to seek that next level. And EMBODY it.

I also push members way outside their comfort zone by organizing over-the-top networking adventures. Ask me more at joya@joyadass.com


Brands I have worked with

You asked me questions that nobody has asked me before. For the first time, I connected the dots between my passion, which is information, and purpose, which is that information allows people the freedom to make better decisions.

- K. Manning.

I had to pitch to investors and tell them who I was. Writing my bio with you this year helped boost my confidence. I understood, for the first time, how I get returns on the investments I had made.



As an executive, I always had a big staff and a company name to stand on. Once I went out on my own, it was just me. I needed this one day intensive with you to understand what my 'personal brand' is. I needed your mastermind so I didn't 'whiteknuckle' building my own consultancy alone.

-- E. Glennon.